Laugh at Your Coworkers

Have you ever had a coworker that just cracked you up?  It doesn’t necessarily have to be the things they say to you, but rather the wild things they yell at other people.  I had that at a job once and his name was Jason.

Jason sat one cubicle over from me and was always on the phone handling vendor relationships.  The vendors weren’t very good, so Jason was constantly in full assault mode verbally attacking them.  One vendor delayed a project plan by a week for a nonsense reason and Jason told him to “take a long walk off a short pier” before slamming the phone down.  When I heard that, I laughed so hard I almost choked on my water.

Another day, we were having a project meeting about an upcoming event.  We had been there for 3 hours planning all the little details and minutia that would bore most people to death.  Finally, our 5th member strolled in, 10 minutes before the end.  Someone was speaking, and when she tried to interject mid-sentence, Jason told her to “find the nearest roof access and jump off.”  Hearing it made me so happy and just melted the days stress away.  Laughter really helps.

Hope you enjoyed the short stories.  All I am saying is that when you’re feeling stressed, find something to laugh at and you’ll feel much better.