Reviewing Sarasota Pool Companies

Cities like Sarasota, Florida are always loaded with pool companies because of the heat.  When it’s 90 to 100 degrees out everyday of the week, people need to be able to hop in the water and cool off.  But, if you don’t live right next to the ocean or the beach is shutdown for some reason, there has to be a backup plan.  For homeowners, the backup plan is almost always installing a new pool.

After doing almost 40 hours of research on the top pool builders in Florida, I’ve come to the conclusion that the list of quality companies is relatively small.  If we segment the pool companies into groups, there are many with a shaky track record, some with decent reviews, and only one that shines through as always providing fantastic work. We based the evaluation on several factors, including the company sales process, reviews from Google, Yelp, Bing, and Home Advisor, customer testimonials from the people we called, and interviews with the companies.  One of the Sarasota pool companies stuck out from the rest because they had 23 years of pool building experience, multiple independently licensed and certified contractors, and a slew of awards from local publications for their craftsmanship.  In addition, when we called some of the reviewers from the various social platforms mentioned above, it became clear that there is a reason this pool builder is rated so highly.

The swimming pool contractor we’re discussing is Sarasota Pool Builders.  Located right in the heart of the county, their experts travel within a 50 mile radius to serve customers.  We pretended to be a customer and called in to see what their sales process was like.  The person we spoke to on the phone was very nice, taking the time to ask questions and listen to all the different swimming pool features and functionality we requested.  We inquired about an indoor pool and a custom waterfall that dumps into it.  New pool construction in South Florida never felt so easy.  After discussing our ideas, we met in person with their infinity pool builders to look over some of the common layouts and decide on what to get.  Unfortunately, this is where our process had to end since this was for research only.  But, from what we saw,  Sarasota Pool Builders is the real deal.  And, when the time comes that I’m sick of the public swimming pools and I’m looking for a stellar custom pool, we both know who to call.