What This Pool Deck Company is Doing to Stay Safe in 2020

With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) sweeping the nation by storm, most states have implemented some sort of lock-down in attempt to minimize physical interaction and stave off the spread of the virus.  In Florida, many businesses are still opening albeit restrictions on gatherings of people.  Orlando Pool Decks, a highly rated pool deck repair contractor has been operating at full capacity with several modifications to protect the health and safety of their employees.

The first change to their pool deck process was the evaluation.  When Orlando homeowners and business owners call in to request pool deck repairs, one of the experts from Orlando Pool Decks sets a time to visit the location and provide a free estimate.  During the visit, he wears an N-95 protective mask to ensure the safety of himself and the customer.

When the customer hires Orlando Pool Decks to install or resurface the concrete around their swimming pool, a modified team of 4 employees shows up to handle the project.  Each employees maintains a distance of at least 6 feet apart and proceeds with the work as normal.  Depending on the request, the project may include identifying and sealing cracks, leveling concrete, resurfacing the pool deck, installing a new surface material, or adding a decorative concrete overlay around the pool.  With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Orlando Pool Decks’ concrete contractors provide quality craftsmanship in half the time of most other local teams.

Work modifications for the health and safety of employees have also extended to the office.  When employees come to work in the morning, no one is able to enter the building without a mask.  They are required to keep it on at all times with the exception of lunch.  Lunch hours have been broken up into shifts so that only one person is in the break room at a time.

Orlando Pool Decks is one of six pool deck companies in the area that have implemented similar requirements to keep their employees safe.  As the owner put it, “The health of our employees is of paramount importance, and we will do everything in our power to keep them safe while still allowing them to work.”